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New Rose Gardener Sunshine Coast - any tips...?

9 years ago

In the last 2 years have gone from having 4 small plants on my balcony to 9 rose plants and many types of lavender (there is many others but the roses and lavender are my favourite) in a larger garden.

I was wondering anyone had any tips for growing roses on the Sunshine Coast and/or in a warmer more humid climate. I am growing them all in water saving 50-60L pots, with the climbers training over an archway.

I have been using Miracle Grow weekly-fortnightly on them and now am using Thrive weekly-fortnightly, is there somethings special that I should be using on them.

I also have planted a ground cover at the base of the plants, with the earlier planted types the cover is overflowing the pot, and the newer planted ones it wont be long before its overflowing too. Is this okay...? Or should I remove this and replace with just mulch...?

Rose types:
- Bugatti (Hybrid Tea)
- Papa Meilland (Hybrid Tea)
- Smooth Moonlight (Thornless)
- Just Joey (Hybrid Tea)
(the above were planted 9 August 2013 and 3 of the 4 already have buds on them - so excited to see what they look like)
- Peace (Hybrib Tea)
- Blue Moon (Hybrid Tea)
- Dearest (Climbing)
- Golden Showers (Climbing)
- Chameleon
(these were planted in early May - all but the Golden Showers has flowered - although the Golden Showers has the most growth of the lot)

Any help would be appreciated :)



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