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I don't cut roses for the house

Campanula UK Z8
10 years ago

Although I always bring home a couple of bunches of stuff from the allotment. I like having flowers inside, I really do, and grow many for this very purpose but never roses. Partly, it is something to do with the roses I have - they tend towards the hybrid musk, species type and usually come in great panicles of bloom or single flowers growing along the canes. At any rate, they are eminently unsuitable for cutting(stalks too short, too curly, too prickly) I don't. I brought home a huge armful of penstemons, dahlias, miscanthus, heleniums, zinnias and agapanthus today and I swear, I paused in front of a couple of Austins and considered cutting some....for about 30 seconds. Am I missing a trick? As far as I can see, even making an attempt at conditioning and such, the roses only seem to last a day or so (and I am really bad at emptying the gone over flowers so there are always a couple of vases with blossoms in various stages of decreptitude, lurking around the place).

On the other hand, I am more than happy to massacre the tulips in April/May. So, who is a cutter and who would not dream of chopping off a single bloom. And convince me that roses can last longer than 24 hours without having to be a so-called florist's rose (or indeed, any of those classic HT types because I predominantly grow 'garden roses'. Is it worth being a bit more 'arty' than plonking them in a mug or jam jar? And I do not want to hear the cutting at first light of dawn tip, either - I love my pillow.

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