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Climbing thornless continual bloom rose?

11 years ago

After several people I know off line recommended "Zephirine Drouhin" as a good thornless climber, I put in 2 three years ago and have been extremely disappointed.

I was replacing two areas of gorgeous climbing rose bushes - both William Baffin - because I seem to have developed something that makes it very easy for thorn scratches to become easily infected - this is a new thing. Both would also cover the 2 outdoor water spigots, so I was getting badly scratched often, even when not dead heading or triming as I'm using the water spigots all the time in summer -

- I was having to go on oral antibiotics too often due to infections that got out of hand despite quick washing, disinfecting and covering with topical antibiotics under bandaids, so with *great* regret I dug them out, gave the away and then I was told that I should be happy with the Zephirines, which I ordered.

I am not happy in the least.

When they do put out blooms, there are only two or three at a time, although the flowers themselves are so lovely, they don't last but a very few days and then die off.

I wouldn't care if the bloom life was short lived, but I only get a very few about twice a year. I've tried to be patient with the bushes, letting them mature - but they have had their chance and I'm ripping them out very soon now.

The locations and conditions are great for climbing roses but because I need thornless, Im somewhat limited in selection.

I want them to be as fully continuously in bloom as possible - as my William Baffins were. If such a pink/red thornless climber like that even exists.

Because of the surrounding planted areas and the outdoor colors of my home, it needs to bloom deep pink to deep red, rather than the light pink of the Ziphirine.

If that color of paler pink is the best I can do, I'll settle, but no other completely different color.

I don't care about fragrance, I grow other roses for fragrance, this is for looks only to fill up an expanse of wall on the east and east side of my house.

Thornless is a must. Heat tolerance is a must, they both get a good 7-9 hours of hot sun a day in summertime.

Water is no problem, I have very little problem with disease since the area is very nearly desert with low humidity. I'm in zone 5-6, I tend to stick to zone 5 to be sure that if we have things a bit colder than normal I won't so quickly lose a plant and thus far it has worked out well.

I have other roses in my garden area - Iceburg being one of them, several Princess Alexandria of Kents, some no-named roses which does very well. A row of ten knockout rose bushes under my kitchen window, which my husband cuts down for me so they don't get out of hand. Thorns, yes - but we keep them small and contained so the scratches are never that bad.

I would appreciate if anyone can steer me to a named climber -


*heavy continual bloom like the William Baffins - or at least *heavy* repeat blooming at least four times from spring through the first frost

*deep pink to red in color, will settle for lighter pink if that's all that is left to me.

*hardy to zone 5 at least

*the shorter in height the climber is - topping out at about 6 feet? the better - although I will settle for any height at this point. I have not had a pretty rose climber against the wall of my house for four years now, my patience is depeleted.

* of course, a climber

*fragrance is not an issue, no fragrance would actually be preferred.

Besides a name, if anyone could also recommend me a good rose places online where I can find and buy them I would appreciate it very much.

I have two very nice nurseries available to me, but they take what the truck brings in, they won't order a specific rose for customers.

If this would do better in antique rose forum please let me know - I didn't know where best to post so just went with a general rose forum.

Thank you very much, in advance, for any and all help you can give me.

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