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Tasty roses

14 years ago

I believe this has been addressed before, but at the time I wasn't particularly interested, so I need to ask again.

Roses are closely related to apples, and hips on some of my roses (Cara Mia, Dart's Dash) are about the size of crab apples. Now my understanding is that wild apples and crab apples vary tremendously in flavor. I would assume that this is also true of rose hips. Now the one or two I have tasted didn't taste very good to me. Perhaps they were not ripe. I'm not sure how to tell ripeness in rose hips. And to the best of my knowledge, over the years roses have been bred for scent, color, form, vase life, rebloom, or disease resistance, but never for flavor of their fruit. Good tasting fruit would be an accident.

So has this accident ever occurred and ben noticed? Does anyone know of a rose that produces hips actually work using in cooking? I'm intensely curious about this.


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