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Native vines/shrubs for front of house bed

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm new to these forums, but I've been lurking for the past few weeks. My husband and I just bought an older house in the Birmingham area, and I'm excited to try some actual landscaping/gardening after living in apartments for the past five years.

The front bed is a mismash of various bushes in various states of disrepair - some of which are coming out, and I'd like to add some (preferably) native, relatively low maintenance plants. There are staples in the brickwork I could use to train vines, and I've got space for a couple medium shrubs and some smaller ones. I don't mind pruning, but I'd prefer plants that didn't need constant watering. I've also got good western exposure, so sun shouldn't be a problem. Some sort of 4-season interest would also be a plus since this is right smack dab at the front of the house :)

I was thinking maybe Carolina Moonseed, but I've heard horror stories of the stuff spreading underground and becoming impossible to control. Could I keep it in a container and train it against the wall?


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