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Boule de Neige - Bourbon Rose

8 years ago

Dear Forum Members and Rose Lovers,

I am writing as a complete novice to roses but have a question because of a wonderful experience. During travels recently, a friend and I were snapping photos in front of a quaint street and house in Sweden. A woman knocked at her house window at us and struggled to get our attention. At first, I thought it was because of the fact we were taking photos and she may have wanted us to leave. My friend thought differently. It was, she said, something she needed to tell us -- We were beside a "Boule de Neige" rose.

The woman was so genuine and so in love with this rose, that I am wondering more about it and one's attachment to such a beautiful flower. I am an anthropology student and I often look at what people think of objects and their various interpretations as giving meaning to our lives.

Might someone explain to me more about this type of rose? What may have been so compelling about it to stop strangers in the street and share its presence to us?

Thank you for your help, input, and consideration.


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