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Size of Moore's Striped Rugosa?

dublinbay z6 (KS)
16 years ago

Anyone have any idea how large it may get in Zone 6 in the midwest? I'm still considering the possibility of replacing Scentimental--just not vigorous and bloomiferous enough for me.

HMF say Moore's Striped Rugosa gets 5 ft tall--which is a bit more than I want. The only rugosa I have any knowledge of is my Blanc Double de Coubert which I wish would grow 5 ft tall (it has been 4 years in my garden), but doesn't give any signs of achieving that goal. I'm not sure if rugosas just take longer to settle in, or if they grow a somewhat smaller in this area. Maybe our hot, hot, hot summers stunt them a bit? I don't know.

Does Moore's Striped Rugosa have the typical rugosa leaves? (Love them.)



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