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Can old rootstock from 4 yrs past cause RMV in my new roses?

15 years ago

I have planted 21 roses in my new yard since last fall. I am told by my neighbor that the north side of my yard used to be planted with a lot of roses that were pulled out by the previous owner. My neighbor knows nothing about roses. She adopted two of the old roses from my yard 4 years ago and transplanted into her yard, and they are obviously Dr. Huey. And her Doc obviously has RMV.

I noticed late this summer that some of my new own roots from Chamblees that were planted on that same side of my yard appear to have signs on RMV--specifically, the yellowed veins in the leaves. I am hoping I am wrong and that this is some other issue, perhaps the product of a very dry summer and/or end of the season rose blues. At any rate, I actually had some old Doc Huey rootstock create a cane in that part of the garden even though the old roses were pulled out 4 years ago, so I know there is still something going on there. Is it possible that the north side of my yard has old Dr Huey rootstock that is giving my new roses RMV?



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