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Anyone have experience with Broceliande?

I saw this beautiful striped hybrid tea on Palatine's catalogue web site, and then saw some further pics and description on Helpmefind. I'm perennially looking for some quality striped rose varieties --usually with limited success. Often they are unstable sports that revert to their solid parent state. Scentimental, though beautiful and wonderfully fragrant, and stable of striping, is blackspot-prone for me--not a complete deal breaker, since I spray preventively. But its blooms also only last about a day and a half before shattering. Good thing its amazingly prolific to make up for it, but still, kind of disappointing. Rock n Roll has not stood up to hot summers very well so far. True, I've only had it a year and a half, but its just about to get replaced. The only good striping and pleasant bloom form I'm seen has been the first flush of the spring, and I have to cut the buds before they open more than halfway, or they bolt too quickly. Careless Love, the striped sport of a sport in the Radiance family of older hybrid teas never gave me a single striped rose in the 2 years I kept it. I bought the miniflora Memphis Music, had two or three early blooms with some striping, and since then only one or two token flecks on a stray bloom here or there through an entire growing season; though I've had it 4 or 5 years. Otherise, solid keep red (still beautiful) with straw-yellow shadings on the petal backs, but no stripes anywhere. The Red Intuition and Pink Intuition roses have been the only solid performers for me, and even of those, I've been personally ambivalent about the coloring of Pink Intuition, since there is the faintest greenish shading to the outermost petals, and some of the petal edges have been a bit crinkly in this summer heat. Somehow the otherwise identical Red Intuition hasn't seemed the slightest bothered by the heat. Go figure. The mini Pinstripe is my other other striped rose. And that and the Red Intuition have been my only examples of striped roses that I've been completely satisfied with.

So...I saw this Broceliande thing and started drooling. Does anyone here know anything about it? Is Palatine the only mailorder source for it this side of the Atlantic? Any other striped hybrid tea-style roses I might not have heard of yet?

Incidentally, I've never seen Soutine, that was mentioned on Vintage's website. I've also never found any source for Candy Stripe, the sport of Pink Peace--also heard it is notoriously unstable. Same for Hocus Pocus and to some extent Abra Cadabra. Oranges and Lemons sounded like too large a shrub for me to try, and Fall Festival, a mini, disappeared from commerce when its nursery closed. Let's see, there's also Harry Wheatcroft, that has a reputation of being not too vigorous. And Tropical Sunset, that might be promising? But the striping doesn't seem very bold to me in the pictures; rather subtle, in fact. What do you think?

Ooh, I nearly forgot Purple Tiger! I've never grown that one either; don't know that it's got much health or vigor.

The only old garden roses I've seen that are striped are not repeat bloomers, and I refuse to grow something that takes up significant space but doesn't bloom repeatedly. Forget that! I don't have the space to spare.


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