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Sacramento Historic Rose Garden DVD Trailer

10 years ago

Hi -

As part of our 20th anniversary, we have engaged a filmmaker to record the founders of our rose garden and to tell the story of it, some of its roses, and the people who support it. We will have the DVD ready for sale at our conference Oct 12-14. The plan is for it to be 30 minutes long, with some bonus material including some photo galleries from several people involved with the garden (my photos will be part of it).

Here is a trailer. There are no names - the white-bearded man at the beginning is my friend Bill Harp, who first got me interested in heritage and found roses and who now serves as our garden's volunteer coordinator. I am the woman with the dangly rose earrings. Barbara Oliva, our curator, is also in the trailer, talking about "Barbara's Pasture Rose" and some other things. There's a snippet from Fred Boutin, too, talking about the roses being works of art.

Hope you will enjoy this, and that the DVD is so terrific that you'll all want a copy. It's been fun (and a lot of work) helping to develop this.

There's still time to register for the conference, although the early bird special is over.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cemetery Rose DVD Trailer

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