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Rose suggestions please, Michael B chime in!

11 years ago

Hey ya'll.

I would love some rose suggestions. Here's my situation: I started with a few pink knock out roses in a mixed border. Those things just give and give and give. But I quickly became bored with them and ventured out to my local garden center. There I found few other options but did purchase a Julia Child Floribunda. I love her. I came home and spent weeks reading through your archived messages and ordering roses that seemed to be recommended by others. This year I have added Carefree Beauty, Country Dancer, Elegant fairy tale, Pretty Jessica, Seafoam and White Meidland (low growing), Pinkie Climbing, Lillian Austin and Penelope. All are in their first season with me so I can't say much about them except that every time one blooms, I get rose crazy again and want to order more. However, I have a small in-town garden and need to be logical about future purchases.

This is what I want/ need:

COLOR: PINK (light, medium or dark) OR WHITE

Hardy in my zone (6b, Asheville, NC. We have plenty of humidity.)

Modest/ reasonable size

Good looking over-all plant

The last two criteria are what I most need guidance about since it is easy to find flower pictures online but not so easy to get a sense of how the the shrub will look or how big it will get. I would like rose bushes that are attractive shrubs even when not flowering. Rounded and bushy or elegantly cascading. I do not like the HT shape. I am lazy about cutting flowers but I like to sit outside and look at my garden. I would like several that will play well with other perennials in a mixed border. But I am putting in a dedicated rose bed this fall which will be roughly 20 x 20 feet so those roses don't have to fit in amongst other plants. I would like some repeat bloom but I am open to once bloomers too. I am willing to spray but am new so I don't want to get discouraged by overly difficult roses. MichaelB- I think you are near me so I am especially hoping to hear what you recommend!

Lastly, can I add more this fall or must I wait until Spring?



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