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Rescued my neighbor's 100 year old roses, need help!

11 years ago

I need help! I'm not new to gardening, but I'm new to roses. My elderly neighbor passed away, and the new homeowners just dug up all her roses and left them in the driveway. I just rescued them, and at the suggestion of my other neighbor, cut the stems back to about 3-5 inches each. They all seem to have most of the roots intact, but some have definitely gotten damaged in the process. The roots themselves are HUGE, which I guess makes sense.

I don't know what kind of roses these are. I know under the care of these new neighbors, they've done poorly and have looked lanky the last few years, but still bloom. I'm wondering what the best way is to help them survive the trauma, and if there's any tips on pruning so they look fuller instead of tall and spindly when they do come back.

Thanks! I'm new here :)

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