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Is Maman Cochet Cl Really THAT lovely?

11 years ago

Hey folks,

I know everyone's taste is different,... but perhaps you can help me think this through?

I bought a maman cochet cl 1 gallon from ARE and planted it in a 3 gallon pot around may 2010. She quickly grew a couple large canes, but since then has not bloomed or grown.

I'm guessing that she wants to be put in the ground or at least a larger pot...?

I know a lot of people love Maman Cochet Cl, but I'm on the fence about her... I'm not sure whether I should really give her one of the last remaining spots in my yard or not. Though I suppose I could always dig her up later once I fully give her a chance?

For comparison sake, I really LOVE La France Cl. which was planted 5/10 in the ground. She's gotten huge and I just LOVE her flowers.

How similar are the two to each other...? If I like La France Cl, am I likely to also like Maman Cochet Cl (even though, of course, their coloring and habit is slightly different...)

I've seen Maman Cochet Cl a few times at Descanso and I'm never really wowed by her, though I think her individual occasionally perfect blooms are very lovely.

The spot I'd be planting Maman in would be against a stone wall. She'd have a good amount of length to grow on conceivably.

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