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Does anyone else have deer?

11 years ago

This is year two of my 'big splurge' on old fashioned roses. I haven't had any problems with disease, bugs or weather...except a few plants freezing over the winter...but most came through very well. Thanks to all of your help and advice, I'd say 90% of the roses were ideal for my cold winters. My only real challenge, has been hiding them from the deer :)

My deer (that's what I call them) are pretty polite. They stay on the grass paths, only eating what sticks up above the lavender and other flowers, they don't care for. This means the smaller roses are usually fine, but the larger roses take a little more work. Last year, I weeded the front bed (where the larger roses are close to the house) and the deer ate back the tops of the roses. This year, I'm leaving some of the taller daisy weeds (which look beautiful in July/August) and that's been keeping the deer away.

My question...does anyone else have deer and do you have any problems with your roses? Do they pay less attention to the canes as they get larger (especially the climbers)? The deer also stay away, where I have butterfly bushes, lilacs or salvias. Good thing I love purple! LOL

I should also mention, my deer are not very hungry and I only have about five (two moms and three babies) that wander through. We live on a farm, and the deer only eat out of the gardens, when the fields/pastures turn golden-brown...which is right about now. Thanks in advance.

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