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Info/Experience on these older Austins?

13 years ago

I am planning on purchasing 3-5 roses next spring...most likely from RU. While looking through their catalogue list for Austins, I was selecting some older Austin varieties that I would be interested in getting. I'm going to get the newer Carding Mill, but the remainder of my choices will be mostly older or rarer Austins. I was curious if anybody has had any experiences or info on these Austins in helping me with my decision as I will probably pre-order from RU. Also, how does RU go about their pre-ordering process? I've never ordered from RU before. Here are my possible choices(so far):

-Admired Miranda(1982)-HMF says it is a smaller pink rose and it looks like it has a more of a pinwheel bloom.

-Chaucer(1970)-Another lighter pink that seems to be slightly larger in growth than Admired Miranda according to HMF

-Claire Rose(1990)-While not all that old compared to the others, I hear little about Claire Rose even though it appears to have quite an attractive light pink bloom from HMF. Color seems comparable to Eden.

-Cressida(1983)-I've heard a few people rave about Cressida, although I know little about this apricotish rose.

-Dame Prudence(1969)-I'll be honest and say I know next to nothing about this pink Austin.

-Ellen(1984)-Seems like quite a pretty apricot/pink rose. Must be fairly rare as I hear little about Ellen.

-Emanuel(1985)-I'm pretty deadset on getting Emanuel. A few bush shots I saw appeared similar to Evelyn but with more vibrant and brilliant coloring. I'm curious as to why it has received so little notoriety as it looks like a fantastic quartered rose IMO.

-Happy Child(1993)-Kind of low on my list, but I hear little about Happy Child. Looks nice though, although I'm not sure if I value another yellow over other colors for next spring.

-Mary Webb(1984)-Also kind of low on my list. A very faint yellow, although quite elegant with it being that way.

-The Friar(1969)-One of the older breeds. I know little of it other than it is one of the influential roses for breeding purposes.

-The Knight(1969)-A very appealing rose to me. Austin's first true red from what I can tell and one of the few true red Austins. Used for a decent amount of breeding as well. Very little info on the rose though.

-The Squire(1976)-A descendant of The Knight. Has similar true red coloring although hard to depict via the internet. Blooms seem quite well formed as well. Ranks right up beside The Knight for the red choice.

-The Yeoman(1969)-Also used for breeding work. Very rainbow like, brilliant coloring and one of the old originals. Doesn't seem to have the most dense petal packing power as other Austins, but nice none the less.

-Troilus(1983)-A bizarre Austin. HMF has it listed as an apricot, but it almost has a cream coloring with mysterious shades of yellow and apricot throughout the cream coloring. Quite interesting.......I know little about it.

Lordly Oberon is another one that intrigues me, although RU doesn't sell it. It is a cupped pink, although it almost has a cream/silver tinge to it from photos I have seen.

Thanks for any info/experiences you have had with any of these varieties! I greatly appreciate it as it's hard to hear a whole bunch about some of these rarer varieties when to choose a few from many.

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