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Anyone else hate cicada noise? (slightly off-topic)

OK, this isn't really a rose question because the cicadas don't hurt the roses, but having lived in Nebraska now over 20 years I find myself dreading the heavy cicada season. If you don't have cicadas in your zone, they're immense Florida cockroach sized insects that stay mostly out of sight (one positive side) but make the most ungodly racket as evening is coming on. It's sort of like a combination of apartment door buzzers and frog/cricket chirping on steroids, very very loud. Crickets go "breep-breep-breep" and can be annoying as all get-out in your house because they never stop, but they're soft enough outside to be pleasant or possible to ignore as needed. Cicadas en masse sound like the apocalypse is looming - ZZZZBREEEEEM-ZZZZBREEEM-ZZZZBREEEEEEEM-ZZZZBREEEEEEEEEEM, on and on without end!! If that were the sound track to a movie, you'd expect the murderer to jump out at any moment, or aliens to land, or something. In fact, they have a disturbing similarity to the violin screeching behind the shower scene in Psycho. Same pitch, same intensity, same fingernails on chalkboard scream-inducing quality.

My husband grew up in Nebraska and he considers them restful. Yeah, well, he can sleep through horror movies too. Me, I grew up in Michigan where crickets and frogs are restful. Cicadas are disturbing and so loud that I can still hear them through closed doors with the ceiling fan on and soft music playing. The fact that you can't see them but they're EVERYWHERE at twilight adds to their spooky qualities. I did find a dead one in the yard and showed it to my kids, who agreed that their bodies are kind of attractive in bright camouflage green tones, but they had to get past the ick factor of a large bug with huge bulging eyes that's bigger than my thumb. If cicadas did bother roses, they'd swamp the entire bloom all by themselves, and provide their own horror soundtrack to boot. The only bug that could be worse than Japanese beetles would be an ugly huge one that loudly announces its intent to eat everything in your garden as it's descending.

So is it just me and do I need to stop and smell the roses, learning to enjoy the cicadas, or does anyone else find them nerve-wracking? I'm determined to enjoy the garden, and I'm well aware there are far worse things to put up with. Still, GW has been a great place to vent about garden woes, and this is mine for August.


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