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koko loko, dolly parton, moonlight magic, & scentimental

9 years ago

hello fellow rose gardners! im new to this forum but have been reading your post for a few weeks now. this is my first year on planting rose bushes. i just recently started due to my grandmas death as i wanna carry on her tradition of loving roses! i remember as a kid going over to her house and helping her water her roses. she taught me alot of things about roses. my first rose bush i bought was the hybrid tea "dolly parton"; she is growing like crazy and just popped out 2 buds! cant wait to watch them open! not to long ago i also bought the hybrid tea "moonlight magic"; she already had 3 buds on her when i bought her but dont see much future growth to her after that. the one bud on her shows the purple/lavendar hue! last nite i just bought the floribundas "koko loko" & "scentimental"; im kinda nervous about buying roses online but the site seems credible and sounds like they take good care of the plants before shipping them. im hoping to see some results with my 2 new babies before winter comes which is about first week of november for us up in south dakota! if you guys have any input on these roses id love to hear your stories! have a great day people!

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