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Putting Straw or a cover crop in walkway between raised beds

15 years ago

I have clay soil in my garden area. This year, we will be bringing in some soil and compost to amend the clay and enclose in some raised beds. I am planning on putting straw around my plants in the "raised beds". I thought I would put paper then straw in the walkways between the beds otherwise grass and weeds will just grow in the walkways. Plus, I also think the straw will amend the clay in the walkways so it can be incorporated into my soil next year, so that eventually, all of my garden area will be good soil, even what is starting out as my walkways. My other thought is to plant cover crops in the walkways, such as buckwheat or hairy vetch to add organic matter to the soil.

My first priority is good soil that gets better every year to provide the necessary requirements to my vegetables.

My second priority would be lots and lots of worms, which would hopefully fulfill my first priority of good soil.

So what would you put in the walkways, a cover crop that could be mowed or tilled in a couple times during the season or straw?

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