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Thinking of SP few and need help finding replacement.

15 years ago

I am starting my 4th year of rose obsession. I have learned many lessons first hand or from you. And there are few roses that just are not worth the trouble. Most of my roses are Austins and although I love the flowers, I just cann't stand the octopus canes and/or diseased leaves. Not to mention the lack of flowers due to hot summer months. I know there are better choices out there for me.

I have an idea what to replace them with but I would also appreciate your comments on my choices or suggestions for better replacement.

Eglantyne. I just love the flowers but the bush I hate. I was thinking of replacing it with Yves Piaget.

Glamis Castle: I have two. How about Moondance instead?

Falstaff: I have two at the base of a giant 8' obelisk. I was thinking of replacing one with Don Juan.

Showbiz: Just too diseased. I don't know if it is mine that is sick or all of them are so diseased prone. No replacement in mind. It has to be be relatively short.

Hansa: Just leafing out and no flower in sight. Too big and thorny to keep. Any color and size healthy re-blooming Floribanda would do.

Thank you,


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