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Add potter's clay to sandy soil?

15 years ago

Much of the discussion about growing in a sand-clay mix went over my head (besides which the volume of it and the hurled invective made my head spin) so I'm going to run this idea past you.

We've started an organic market-garden business here. Berries and asparagus are doing fantastically well in our very sandy soil but greens are a joke. The soil just won't hold enough water, even after five years of amending heavily with compost and leaves and growing green manures. We'd irrigate more but our dug wells don't provide that much water. I do minimal tilling now, mostly permanent beds.

There's a potter who lives a few miles from here. What if I ask her for clay ends, dried out clay etc, pound that to chunks, throw them on the garden in the fall and work them in in spring?

If yes, which clay would be best?

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