Which Austin? Lady of Shalott or Teasing Georgia

dublinbay z6 (KS)
10 years ago

Help me decide. I've got one sunny spot open and have narrowed down my choices to these Austins: Teasing Georgia or Lady of Shalott.

So which is better in these respects?

--Disease-resistance--blackspot in particular. This is my #1 concern at this point in the selection process.

--Re-bloom--my #2 concern at this point. How quickly do they re-bloom? Are they continuous bloom? Is the re-bloom reasonably heavy?

--Bloom size--which is larger?

--Color--while they are both in the golden tones, I'm not sure how much Teasing Georgia fades away to pale yellow or how orangish Lady of Shalott gets. In terms of just aesthetics, which color is more pleasing?

--Heat tolerance--do triple digit temps absolutely devastate either one (as opposed to the usual response of shrinking blooms or semi-dormancy most roses exhibit). Are they fried or shattered before the day is over?

--Anything else that, in your opinion, makes one preferable to the other one?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


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