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How much is too much sawdust

13 years ago

There are race horst stables near where I live and they have mounds and mounds of horse manure combined with sawdust. There is a lot more sadust than horse cause they clean the stables everyday. They will even load it for you. I got a load and noticed while loading it steam was coming from the pile. This probably has been there a while cause the sawdust has turned almost black.

My question is do you think there may be too much sawdust and not enough horse manure, I have heard that too much sawdust is not good for gardens.

Also I get a lot of coffee grounds from Starbucks and I have a resturant that saves me about 7 dozen egg shells each day, so I put all of this in the compost pile.

There is a farmer's market near me and I can get a lot of scraps from then but this time of the year there is mostly fruit, apples, oranges, tangerines, etc. Can citurs fruits be put in a compost pile whole?

Is there anything I can put in my pile to speed things up to make sure I will have good compost bu the spring?



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