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what striped roses can I grow?

9 years ago

I live in central tx (by Baylor university) I'm attempting to start a garden for my grandmother who's now 90'ish yrs young and health is declining. She had a beautiful garden in Corpus Christi, tx and took all her roses with her when she moved to California. We came back to tx with her about 10 yrs ago unfortunately when came , some of her beloved roses didnt survive the trip, and a few died in a horrid and unexpected freeze we had a few yrs ago. She asked me if I would be willing to help her replace some of tge ones she lost. But I want to not only replace them but create an entire rose garden for her so she can enjoy herself. She raised 12 kids one with down syndrome, and a couple grandkids, so I think its time for her to sit back and let someone else do something for her. Anywhoo sorry for this novel but my grandmother loves striped roses and I'd like to get some that will grow well here, I'm a total newbie, and dont really know what will preform well in this inhospitable environment. I have gotten raspberry cream twirl, and purple splash. I have more than enough room for a lot of roses. I just dont know what else I should get. Thank you for taking the time to read this , and thank you in advance to anyone that might can help me, help my grandmother.

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