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Rugosa hips shrivelling, but plants happy -- why?

12 years ago

This is my first summer with the Rugosa hedge I planted last fall (mostly Foxi, plus 2 Fru Dagmars and 2 Hansas). We have acid, clay soil, so we turned up the whole strip and added amendments to break up the clay before planting. This spring everything leafed out beautifully, and the shrubs were covered with roses which turned into huge, beautiful hips. Then about a month ago leaves started turning yellow, then dropping off. I figured it was an iron deficiency and gave them iron. Now the yellowing has stopped, but some of that first crop of hips is starting to look shrivelled and the stems are turning brown, while at the same time the shrubs are putting out new growth and reblooming. What's going on? Would iron deficiency cause this, or is there some other problem? Do I need to water more? I'm distressed to see those hips getting wrinkled, I planted these shrubs for a harvestable crop of hips and I'm not sure these will hang on until first frost for harvesting. Otherwise the plants look very happy and healthy. Please advise!

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