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My rose bushes hardly grew into bushes, so puny help.

9 years ago

Last year I planted a row of rose bushes specifically not choosing hybrid teas. I was hoping from stories and pictures they would get to be large sturdy shrubs getting bigger each year. I watered sprayed and fertilized last year with little reward and black spot making me remove most of the leaves.

I was determined to try for the next year. Cut the canes back and waited til spring. Due to the harsh winter I had to cut the dead canes off almost to the ground on most. They did start growing back and I fertilized and sprayed again. They started getting buds but then many did not open and the leaves are all bubbly and crinkled. It's July and I've only got two roses off 6 plants so far. The plants are only 8-12 inches tall. Hardly what I'd call a bush.

Now I'm using bioneem oil and bayer rose feed and a handful of buds on two plants seem to be coming in. They get morning sun and afternoon shade and have plenty of air around them. I'm in zone 5.

Should I give up or does it take longer than 2 years to establish rose bushes? They are in such a large area I'd hoped they'd get big. They just look so pathetic right now.

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