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I met a dedicated rose propagator/seller today - you should too

15 years ago

Hi all,

Some of you already know Steve from at Wisconsin Roses in Kenosha, WI.

I met him today after meeting with one of own forumers, "Greenhaven" to exchange and talk roses.

I was unable to set up an appointment with him because I didn't know what time I would get there, and our long distance phone company is strange as there are some numbers I cannot reach in local long distance. Mostly cell numbers... but anyway.

So he wasn't expecting me and when I arrived at his house the poor fellow was cutting his grass. I waited for him to finish, introduced myself as a rosenut, apologized for not making an appointment with him, and told him I was interested in 'Stretch Johnson', a shrub rose that I've wanted for some time, (but it was only available from Hortico... but I don't order from Hortico).

Steve was more than happy to help me. He even took me over to his growing field in his own truck after I offered to follow him there... he's an easy guy to make conversation with too. Once we were there I was amazed to see what an organized, clean, and healthy operation he is running.

He showed me what he had available in the variety I wanted, and let me choose which plant I wanted. He wouldn't even let me pay full price for after I insisted because I didn't have an appointment with him.

In conversation he asked me what my handle was on GW, when I told him he chuckled and said he's seen my posts on here often and he always thought I was a preacher or something... (just like everyone else around here.):^]

Just an all around great guy.

If you ever want to mail order some top notch quality bare root HT's or the occasional shrub variety or if you want to pick them up yourself - give Steve a call or shoot him an Email - you won't be disappointed.

I got a strongly rooted plant on Multiflora rootstock, very healthy, in a one gallon pot about 20" tall.

I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Also, if you like singles, ask him about the new pearlescent light pink one he will be offering in a year or two, (only one mother plant), it's gorgeous and has a strong unique scent.



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