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Questions about managing the Pot Ghetto

11 years ago

I bought my first ever bands from a few different sources this spring. All were potted up to 5 gallon pots and have been doing amazingly well all summer. (Amazing to me anyway!) They are all as big or bigger as what you'd find in a nursery, but how do you tell that they are ready to go in the ground?

If they are ready, what are the weather considerations that determine when to do it? I've searched and found specific answers for specific areas, but less so on what the determining factors are. Most of our brutal high 90/100 heat should be done, although I expect plenty of 90 degree days left. Our first frost date in mid/end of October but typically it's January before we get successive hard freezes. (I've had success sticking perennials in the ground as late as early December.)

Can I buy more bands now? Do I wait to have them shipped in spring or can they get a head start in a 7a winter living in the same slightly protected kitchen garden the ones this summer lived? I know they don't want to live in the house, but what about an unheated basement garage (where it won't freeze) with minimal light?

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