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What are your most disease resistant Teas?

16 years ago

I just started growing these roses this year in my mom's NO SPRAY zone 7b/8a Virginia garden. I've only completed one bed and should be finishing up the second bed soon. In the first I've got Mme. Joseph Schwartz, Cramoisi Supérieur (China) and Moore's Striped Rugosa (Hybrid Rugosa). So far the foliage on MJS has been clean as a whistle. The other two very resistant with only a few leaves afflicted.

Mom is thrilled and she is pressing me to get the other beds finished. The next bed will be the "pink" bed. I've already decided on DUCHESSE DE BRABANT (a no brainer), BELINDA'S DREAM, and MARIE D'ORLEANS.

So what are your most disease resistant Chinas and Teas? I especially want to hear from folks on the East coast who experience hot and humid summers.

Ideal growth habit is 4x4 and fragrance is a must.



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