Your fav. fragrant roses for cut flower

strawchicago z5
10 years ago

Radio Times rose restores harmony to marriage. One evening I was about to sass back at my hubby for mouthing off, but heroically I sniffed my rose. Instantly I was transformed from Mrs. Get-Even to Mrs. Cool.

How could I be angry when I was temporarily transported to paradise through Radio Times?

I can't really enjoy roses outdoor during the summer. When I step out, either I got scorched by the heat, or chased by a swamp of mosquitoes when it's wet.

Among my 10 baby Austins this year, Radio Times is #1. Eglantyne should hold that spot for its heavenly fragrance, but she refuses to bloom.

So what's your favorite FRAGRANT ROSES, as CUT FLOWERS, for sniffing indoor? Here's a challenge for Roseseek: Breed us the PMS rose, and deliver us from our cranky mood.

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