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rose suggestions for zone 5b/6a

10 years ago

In about a month I will be starting a job which lets me work from home which means the 20ft row of daylilies can come out to be replaced with some roses.

Thus, I need some suggestions. I have been looking through a few rose websites and my head is spinning. So, I need some suggestions from you experts .

Here is what I am looking for -

1. Would prefer to put in a few things versus one which means I am looking on the smaller side (can go tall as the area is on the side of the garage but do not want super wide )

2. I am now technically zone 6a but would like something hardy to 5a

3. Prefer the traditional rose look of the flowers

4. Would like something that blooms as often as possible

5. Fragrance would be great if possible

6. Want to stay away from red and yellow as I have a few of those around. I can do anything else (in fact, definitely looking for one white rose)

7. Obviously would prefer as disease resistant as I can get but I do spray for blackspot and mildew so as long as it looks okay with that routine.

Any suggestions?

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