Best roses for full sun in a Mediterranean climate?

13 years ago

Hi everyone. I am a rose beginner who needs some advice on antique roses/Austins and this forum seems to have a wealth of information!

I live in inland Southern Spain, which has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters (although there is the occasional frost!). I love the look of the old roses and Austins and would like to try some in my garden. Unfortunately the only area I have available for roses, although quite large, gets mostly dappled shade in the winter and 6 to 8 hours of very hot afternoon sun in the summer! I have looked at many threads on this forum and I think that the Austins, the hybrid musks and the tea roses would be most suitable for my garden  they all seem to like warmer climates. Can anyone tell me which would be best for this rather demanding location  should I just concentrate on tea roses for example? Can I hope for any blooms in midsummer or should I just accept that spring and autumn would be the best time for enjoying my roses?

All advice would be gratefully appreciated!

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