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Fine roses that you don't hear much about

15 years ago

Which ones that you know come to mind?

I'll put out two Hybrid Musks that I don't read much about, and which are fine plants: 'Francesca' and 'Thisbe', both yellow. 'Francesca' has fine musk rose type foliage and for me becomes a big shrubby handsome rose. The flowers come in clusters, but have a considerable Tea/Tea-Noisette air to them --'Crepuscule' comes to mind--but 'Francesca's flowers are soft buffy yellow, large, not overly full, and very elegant. 'Thisbe' may be more popular in Italy than in the U.S. It has typical musk rose habit, clusters of fluffy, fragrant, pale yellow flowers, is healthy and thoroughly worthwhile.

I know that neither of these roses is rare, but people don't talk about them much that I've noticed, so I thought I would bring them up, as they are in no way second-raters. What roses do you know that don't get the attention they merit?


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