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Moving to Springfield, Virginia from the Dallas area

16 years ago

I have been lurking on this site for months and have admired Randy's success with his roses..

Even though I am excited to move to the DC area in a few weeks, one thing that has been tugging at me is leaving my roses behind. I thought I'd ask the Virginia residents which of the roses listed below (in containers right now) do well over there:

- Dame de Coeur

- Mevrouw Natalie Nypels

- Marie Pavie

- Perle dÂOr

- Souvenir de la Malmaison

- Coldwell Pink

- Francis Dubreuil

- Pink Gruss an Aachen

- Paul Neyron

- Climbing Iceberg

- Charles Darwin (David AustinÂs)

- Mrs. R. M. Finch

- Pink Rosette

- Charity (David AustinÂs)

- Baby Love, miniature

- Deep Velvet, miniature

- RainbowÂs End , miniature

To add insult to injury, the relo company just told me that it would not move the plants, so any container I take with me would travel across the country in a van with our three big dogs... I will rehome the others with family, friends or rose enthusiasts... As Randy said, because of the rains we've had lately in Dallas, my roses are not doing as well right now as they were last year. Still, am very proud to tend to them.

Thanks for your input. I'll cross post in the Virginia/Mid-Atlantic gardening forum.


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