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faster growing, non-invasive, tall perennials for zone 5

16 years ago

I have new neighbors who are relatively nice people but their small children are VERY nosey and talkative. I can't step out of my house without one of the dears asking "whatcha doin'?" If they aren't chatting with me, they're sitting and just staring as I do my yard work. This past spring I dug a new strip of garden space along the fence about 2.5 feet wide x 30 feet long and planted sunflowers, tithonia, "harry balls," and other tall annuals. I'd like to save myself some work this coming spring by planting 5+ ft. tall perennials, but they need to be fast growing to help block the view quickly. I'd also like to avoid anything that readily spreads. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm in zone 5.


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