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It's not my gardens I'm unhappy with, it's my HOUSE!

16 years ago

I really think the front of my house is u-g-l-y, and no matter what I plant, how much I re-arrange, how beautiful the plants are - I hate how my front looks. The shape of my house is ugly - a long rectangle, the color is harsh - painted white brick, um, not such a good idea when the house faces SOUTH and the hot sun reflects off it, you idiot who painted it!

I've made some improvements - new garage door with the nice windows, planted some ornamental trees to break up the long rectangular line of the house, tried to spruce up the landscaping within budgetary means but still...not happy. No amount of lanscaping/gardens is going to make me like my house.

We're gathering estimates on siding for the spring, but that won't help much since what the heck can you do siding -wise to jazz up an big blindingly white house, I'm pretty much relegated to white siding. I can't afford to have the paint stripped off and exterior re-painted, the house is good-sized and that would really cost the $$$.

I know this is just a long, rambling post, but I'm just frustrated. Curb appeal is so important - not only to passerby but to ME, every time I pull in the driveway I have to look at an ugly house. My goal is to move within 5 years, but in the meantime here I am.

At least I really like my backyard - I look *out* into the gardens, I have two walk-out patios and a huge picture-window, too, so I've planted to really take advantage of the views out of the house and do get a lot of pleasure from that, even in the winter (I've planned/planted wisely, even in the stark winter I have a nice view).

Well, thanks for listening, I feel better just getting it off my chest.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions in terms of what I can do in terms of siding/gutters please post - maybe you've seen some creative color combinations that I'm just not envisioning.

(BTW - in case you've read this and are scratching your head in amazement as to why I actually bought the house in the first place, it's because it is right around the corner from the business my husband owned, and the price was right during an ultra-hot market a few years ago).

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