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How do you get rid of a rose that just won't go away?

16 years ago

The last 2 summers I've tried to shovel prune an old shrub rose bush that was planted here before I moved in.

It's very ugly, and the only time it's ever bloomed the buds looked all smushed up and terrible. They had a nice scent to them, but I disliked the bush greatly. It was planted way too close to the house, and in spots it was right up against the foundation.

Both years I was sure I got all the runners and roots up that I saw, and yet here it came again this spring. The clay that this rose is in is very hard to dig into, and sometimes I wonder just how this rosebush manages to stay alive.

I have to be careful what I use on it, as I planted a couple hibiscus in the area last year when I thought the roses were gone for good. What can I use to be sure these roses go away permanently without harming my hibiscus?

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