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please help with 'droopy' rhododendron

Jjbjjbh Jjbjjbh
15 years ago

I planted an "Edith Bosley" rhododendron about 3 weeks ago in an area with northeastern exposure. It gets maybe 2-3 hrs of early morning sun and is in a sheltered spot next to my patio. It was doing great first couple weeks and I was watering it regularly.All of a sudden last 4-5 days it seems to be wilting. The leaves are all droopy and listless without any sheen on them.

As far as I can tell nothing has changed in the manner in which I was caring for it and I am at a loss as to why my plant looks like its on the verge of dying.

Any ideas as to what could be ailing my Edith Bosley?

Thank u all in advance for your advice and suggestions.

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