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Pepper planting, and veggie update

15 years ago

Hi, everyone,

My WVU Extention Service calendar says to plant tomatoes and peppers indoors this week and peas outdoors on the weekend.

We got healthy plants but few mature peppers last year from Hungarians, Carnivals, and Bells. We did get lots of Tobascos!

This year we are trying miniature reds and yellow peppers because they are supposed to mature faster.

My tomatoes were plagued with wilt when I lived in Virginia, but luckily in my first WV garden I had great tomatoes last year working with plants from the local HD.

Just to make sure my luck holds out I ordered 2 hanging tomato planters this year to hang from a recycled swingset (painted grassy green). If those planters work, maybe I'll be able able to join you all in planting heirlooms again.

Last year I started peas indoors, but I found they stalled once transplanted. So this year we are direct sedding those.

My plant is to harden off my tomatoes and peppers earlier in the WS containers so that they are spared from being in my spare room. Will send a report on that.

Anyone else starting peppers and tomatoes this week in Zone 7?

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