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Importing roses

10 years ago

How to apply for permission to obtain a Post Entry Quarantine Certificate was provided in an early thread. It's taken a few weeks, but this morning I heard from my local County Agricultural Agent. She made an appointment to inspect my potential site for holding the imported plants during the two year required quarantine.

Her office had told her she needed to come inspect the plants I had already received from Germany. OK. Except, the order I place is supposed to be accompanied by the labels I am supposed to have them affix to the shipment, which I can't receive until AFTER they inspect to insure where I want to hold the plants is appropriate. Also, the plants are to be sent to the USDA inspection station (there are five around the country), where they are inspected, treated with some pretty nasty chemicals, then forwarded to me for planting.

She arrived at the appointed time (forty-five minutes after the initial call) and inspected where I want to hold the plants. It's fine. I had to physically sign the paperwork I had electronically signed on line. OK. There is a new twist to the Post Entry Quarantine in California now. Inspection charges per visit, effective after 4-1-2005. I last imported in 1985.

"Inspection time at your site by a qualified plant pathologist @ $60 per hour (time adjusted to nearest half hour and half hour minimum)" The inspector was surprised as the State of California only charges $44 an hour, but this in behalf of the USDA. OK

"The charge for travel, based upon the distance traveled from the responsible inspector's office to the postentry quarantine inspection site, shall be:

(A) $50 for up to the first 50 miles;

(B) $100 from over 50 to 100 miles;

(C) $150 from over 100 to 150 miles;

(D) $240 from over 150 to 200 miles; and,

(D) $340 for over 200 miles."

"These fees will be charged for every inspection required by federal regulation. Federal regulation requires at least two inspections for postentry quarantine periods of two-years and one inspection for postentry quarantine periods of less than two years. Additional inspections may be required and charged for, depending upon the results of an inspection or for your lack of adherence to the provisions of your signed postentry quarantine agreement."

So, I guess I now wait for my permit and labels. So far, I am into it for a 70 mile round trip to verify I am who I stated I am, and $80 for my initial "inspection", and no order for any plants has been placed. IF all goes well, there will only be two more, minimum $80 each inspections. It still remains to be seen if the proposed method of shipment from the sending nursery will result in avoiding the "expeditors", who can legally charge many hundreds of dollars to intercept the shipment from the carrier and hand it to the USDA for inspection. Of course, these charges are specific to California. Your State's charges will vary.

It was nice to find out from this inspector she knows my inspector from the 1980s inspections. He's well and recently retired from the County Ag. Dept. That's nice to hear. Kim

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