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Would Azaleas look good here?

17 years ago

What should I plant behind these bushes? I'm posting in a couple of forums because I'm not sure what I really need...I've thought about putting up a trellis (about five ft. high or so) and putting red climbing roses. Or, just planting red-tip photinias and shearing them like a hedge. Or, an akebia vine...What do you think? The bed is a mix of dwarf yaupons, dwarf loropetalum (YES! I did find such a thing in a local nursery--they were brand new and I got the only two they had!), and crimson pygmy barberry. I also have one pocomoke crape myrtle on each side.

Now that I've been researching Azaleas, though, I'm thinking they might look really good. In particular I like the Stewartson...Or, I'm open to suggestions. Do you think Azaleas would look good there? I have none in my landscape right now.

My husband has forbidden me to move the two tall yaupons. Poop on him.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.



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