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Going into Overload ~ Please help me decide which rose to choose

15 years ago

After scouring countless posts, googling images like crazy, reading through my rose books, cross checking them once again through countless posts and google images...I still can't decide which single rose I would like. I've come to the conclusion that I need help!

Here's the specs:

I know that I want a large rose, as in 5-6 ft tall, as its for towards the back of the border. I know that strong fragrance and repeat bloom is a must. This area has overhead watering so the blooms can't be prone to balling. It is also in full, often brutal, sun. In terms of its companions, I have Well-Being and Jacques Cartier in this same bed more towards the front, the new rose would be to their rear.

I hope someone can help me decide, I'm going crazy with all of the options out there!

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