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dying azalea, need help identifying problem

8 years ago

Hello, I live in Virginia where the soil is completely red clay, dispite the harshness of the conditions, I have four azaleas growing in front of my townhouse. One of which just seems to be dying. I have tried pruning the dying branches but it seems to just be dying section by section even faster than before. I will try to upload pictures. The leaves have white deformed spots and strange 'meaty' green and white lumps in a few places, also most of the bark has red discolored parts. I have also found a few little bugs red body with a black head. I am not a very good gardener and we rent the place so my involvement has been minimal but unfortunately so has the landlady's.
I have tried to do some research myself to try to save our pretty azaleas from whatever is afflicting this one. What I have found says that the pests may be afids and that it may have root rot or a twig blight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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