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white flies? Don't think so. Help please.

15 years ago

I have a Borneo Giant elephant ear, potted, and it has been kept on a screened in porch. This Summer I have had problems with what I thought, at first, might be white flies, but they aren't. They are extremely tiny, a good deal smaller than the size of the head of a pin. Not much more than specs. They are pure, pure white. They are so tiny I can't even make out where the head end is (or for that matter, if they even have one. lol. They can fly but I never see them flying unless I touch one and then it only flies long enough to go from the underside of one leaf to another. I have seen white flies before and white flies are a fair amount larger than these things. I have sprayed with an insecticide several times throughout the Summer but they keep coming back. I have squished them one at a time also but they were back again this morning. Today I sprayed again with an insecticide. The Borneo Giant doesn't seem to like insecticides though. Each time I have used it, the plant seems to droop some and the growth stops until it recovers several weeks later. It is time for me to move the plant indoors and I don't want to bring these pests into the house and infect my other plants. Does anyone have any thoughts on what these things are and what I can do to finally get rid of them?

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