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David Austin Roses for Zone 5a

13 years ago

So ive been bit by the rose bug and am already planning ahead to next year and what i would like to plant for roses. Ive heard some good things about the Austin roses and i love the look of the Old English roses. While on the website i saw that they recommended a handful of roses which are cold hardy for zone 4-5 which is where im located.

My question is, of the roses below which ones can handle the cold of zone 5a which you have experience with. I also have some other requirements that the roses need to have; thanks!

Mary Rose

Graham Thomas

Gertrude Jeckyll

L D Braithwaite

Winchester Cathedral

A Shropshire Lad

Golden Celbration

Brother Cadfael


The Mayflower

Crocus Rose



-Cold hardy zone 5a

-Blackspot resistent (we are quite humid during the summer)

-Large blossom

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