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Whole tomatoes in my pile

16 years ago

I completely (or as completely as I could...that's work!) turned my pile today.

3 or 4 weeks ago when I pulled up all my vegetable plants, I had a bunch of green tomatoes and threw them into the pile. (We don't eat green tomatoes where I'm from) As I turned today, I found a few whole tomatoes in the pile. It's as if they hadn't decomposed at all.

Is this wrong? I stepped on a few of them as I was tossing them in the pile; should I have done that to all? I did that just to smash em and get the juice squirting. These were obviously ones I hadn't squashed.

The rest of my pile was very black, pretty damp, smelled good, but kind of stringy and gooey looking. Is this normal? It's definitely not crumbly yet. I've been composting since about August I think and add new stuff as I get it. I haven't added the zillions of fall leaves yet because I want to get a load of nitrogen to go with it, plus I haven't raked them yet. (Still some to fall and I'm waiting for the big tulip tree to finish shedding its leaves)

I did see some worms but not lots. The other day I also saw a slug. And some pill bugs.

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