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Solved the ongoing dilemma of what to do with extra divisions

8 years ago

OK, so all year long I've been thinning and dividing and have been continually perplexed by effective ways to pass along the plants so as to not throw them out.

CL worked for awhile until I got tired of people flaking out. I gave a lot away to friends, I even packed up a box of plants to send to my Mom. Still, that barely made a dent.

Light bulb: What about Habitat for Humanity? They build these awesome new houses and surely they might benefit from some free plants? Sure enough, they loved the idea and yesterday I brought over 25 big pots of various plants. Daylilies, echinacea, scabiosa, shasta daisies, and penstemon. The manager used to work at nurseries, and she knows her stuff, so I felt confident leaving them in her hands. I even got to claim a nice cash value for my tax return. A perfect win-win.

Now that I've found this solution I think I can keep them outfitted in plants for the foreseeable future, yay!

I'm passing along this idea to others since this is a common dilemma for us all.


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