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zz plant repotting, fertilizing and watering

12 years ago

I repotted one of my zz plants today into an 8" clay pot because I read that clay pots are best for this species. Now that I have repotted it, how long do I have to wait to fertilize it and what kind of fertilizer is best? I'm hoping there's some type of fertilizer that I can buy from Home Depot or Lowe's since I have both stores very close to me. Also, how often do I need to fertilize? Is there any rule as far as how much water to give the plant and how frequent? Most things I've read recommend letting the soil dry out completely between waterings but I'm still not sure how much water to give the plant and how often I should water it. This plant is indoors all year round and the only sunlight it gets is through windows. The plant quite tall but only has 3 stalks with leaves. The leaves on the 4th stalk turned yellow within the last week or and they all fell off when I repotted the plant.

I'm also considering repotting my other zz plant, which doesn't seem to be doing as well. Is there any good way to determine what size pot to put it in or do you just eyeball it? I assume that I can follow the same watering and fertilizing recommendations for this plant as well.

I have another zz plant coming tomorrow as well (that one is coming in a 6" inch plastic pot). Should I just repot that one into a 6" clay pot too?

Sorry about all of the questions but I'm kind of new to this. These are the only plants I have and I want to make sure I give them the proper care. Thank you in advance for any help.

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