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My Knockout Rose Bushes- Did I kill my rose bushes?

9 years ago

This is my first time caring for knockout rose bushes. They were planted on each side of my home last year. They bloomed in May but started to die off quickly in June. I did not water them all the time but tried to often. I saw the buds were being killed off by Japanese beetles. I bought liquid Sevn and sprayed the leaves and buds. I used too much and scorched the leaves yellow with black holes. Our temps here get into the low 90's each day. I also pruned out all of the dead buds and leaves. I think I pruned them too much. They now look completely dead with a lot of brown branches coming out. How do I save them? With rose fertilizer? I did use Miracle Gro Bloom Booster. Nothing has happened yet. Help!!!!

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