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Agastaches for colder zones

Hi guys! Well the nursuries are packed full of beautiful Agastaches this time of year. But I noticed several types they were selling were not even hardy. Id like to ask my fellow zone 5 (and below) garden webber's about their experince with differant Agastaches. Which ones have you found to be exceptionally hardy?

I have four of my own: A. canna, A. 'Coronado', A. 'Dwarf Blue', and A. 'Golden Jubilee'. Ive found all but the 'Coronado' to be wondefully hardy. I planted the 'Coronado' last fall and mulched him good before winter, but this spring he was really small and pitiful looking. I moved him to an ideal location and hes blooming now, but hes still quite small. Hope to hear your guy's opinions soon!


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