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Making Leaf Mold

16 years ago

Hi all!

Quick question: when making leaf mold with bagged leaves, does it matter if they are whole or shredded and REALLY packed into the bags? Also, when I opened the bags from last winter I found that just the bottom 1/2 were done. I'm wondering if I rolled the bags over a time or two would that promote more of the contents becoming leaf mold? I thought it might since it would ensure that all the contents of the bag were moist at some point. The top halves of the bags I opened were very dry and I think that is why they hadn't turned to leaf mold.

I have to say I am in awe of you mega-composters collecting 100 or 200 bags. I'm up to 56 and I'm wondering if I'm over my head. I could easily snag another 40 today (tomorrow is the yard waste management pickup), but my husband already thinks I've gone around the bend....

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